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Cleanliness is Next to Dogliness: How to Keep Your Pooch’s Bed Fresh

Can you wash foam dog bed? Yes, you can wash foam dog bed with care by following some simple steps. As a dog owner, you know how important it is to keep your furry friend’s bedding clean and fresh. One of the most popular choices for dog beds is foam beds, which provide comfort and support for your pet. However, cleaning foam dog beds can be a bit tricky, as you don’t want to damage the foam while trying to clean it. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to wash a foam dog bed safely and effectively.

Step 1: Check the care label

Before you start washing your dog’s foam bed, check the care label for any specific instructions. Some foam beds may have a removable cover that you can machine wash, while others may need to be hand-washed or spot cleaned. If there are no care instructions available, proceed with caution and use gentle cleaning methods.

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Step 2: Remove any loose dirt and debris

Start by removing any loose dirt and debris from the foam bed. You can use a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove any dirt, hair, or debris. Be gentle while doing this, as you don’t want to damage the foam.

Step 3: Spot clean any stains

If there are any stains on the foam bed, spot clean them using a mild detergent and warm water. Mix the detergent with water and apply the solution to the stained area. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the area and then rinse with clean water. Be sure to remove all the detergent from the foam, as any residue can attract dirt and dust.

Step 4: Hand-wash or machine wash the cover

If the foam bed has a removable cover, you can either hand-wash it or machine wash it, depending on the care label instructions. Use a gentle detergent and cold water, and avoid using bleach or fabric softeners. Once the cover is washed, hang it to dry or tumble dry on a low heat setting.

Step 5: Air-dry the foam bed

Once the cover is washed and dried, it’s time to dry the foam bed. Avoid using a dryer, as the high heat can damage the foam. Instead, air-dry the foam bed by placing it in a well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight. You can prop the bed up on its side to help it dry more quickly.


In conclusion, cleaning a foam dog bed requires a bit of care and attention, but it’s an important task to keep your pet’s bedding clean and fresh. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can safely and effectively wash your dog’s foam bed, and keep them happy and comfortable.

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